Why the WGA and AMPTP Agreement Isn't a Done Deal

Written by Matt Lathrom

Why the WGA and AMPTP Agreement Isn't a Done Deal feature image

After months of striking, failed negotiations, and way too much reality television, the WGA Negotiating Committee and the AMPTP have reached an agreement. And while we at Script Slug are excited for writers to get back to work with the fair treatment and assurances they deserve, we hope this important step doesn't weaken their resolve.

The truth is that we haven't seen the deal yet. This is a multi-step process and there are still a few steps before it's official.

  1. WGA Negotiating Committee and AMPTP reach an agreement. ✔️
  2. Negotiating committee votes on whether to recommend an agreement.
  3. WGAW Board and WGAE Council vote to authorize membership vote.
  4. Members vote.

Credit where credit's due, the negotiating committee stood firm in their demands, so this agreement bodes well. But after such a hard-fought battle and so much sacrifice, it's essential to maintain that steel resolve until the final vote is cast.

Victor dance id4

This cautious optimism will probably seem like a buzz-kill in a few days. The deal will probably be good and everyone will probably vote in favor of it, but until then, let's save the victory dance.