Where does Script Slug get screenplays?

Every screenplay on Script Slug was either found online, or provided by a generous user. We simply organize, optimize, and post freely and publicly available materials.

Can I use these screenplays for my class or research project?

We can't give you legal advice, but we can speak to our own use of screenplays. Script Slug posts screenplays for educational and research purposes under the fair use doctrine of the United States. You are subject to your own jurisdiction's and organization's laws and policies.

Will Script Slug post my original screenplay?

Script Slug only posts the screenplays of professionally produced films and series. The idea is to provide education and inspiration for screenwriters and researchers.

Do you ever remove screenplays?

Script Slug has received and always honors requests to remove screenplays from the website. We post screenplays under fair use , and it's only fair to honor the wishes of the creators and owners of the material.

Can I request a specific screenplay?

Absolutely! While we can't guarantee every request, we welcome your suggestions and strive to include a diverse range of scripts. Feel free to submit your requests on the contact page.

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Script Slug is a screenwriting resource that provides education and inspiration for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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Script Slug provides a library of professionally written and produced screenplays for educational purposes.