Script Slug

A Little Backstory

Script Slug was created and is maintained by me, Matt Lathrom. It started as a weekend project with the goal of creating a clean, easy-to-use database of movie and TV scripts. Since its launch, demand has grown and so has the site.

There's a real opportunity to better educate aspiring screenwriters and provide quick reference for professionals. So I'm expanding the site with those goals in mind.


Right now, Script Slug is a one-person show paid for out-of-pocket. So, I've integrated ads to help cover the costs of running the website. User experience is very important to me, so I've worked hard to integrate them in the cleanest, least annoying way possible. And as time goes on, I hope to provide better advertising for products and services useful to screenwriters.

The Roadmap

October, 2016

Script Slug launches.

November, 2016 - October, 2017

Script Slug grows and matures with updates like:

  • Instant Search
  • Better Formatted Scripts
  • Higher Quality Posters
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Faster Loading
  • Better Search Engine Results

November 2017 - Now

Script Slug becomes more than a database.

Script Slug

Up Next...

Glossary - I'm working on an expansive glossary of screenwriting terms and snippets to help you learn the language of screenwriting. And if you're already a pro, maybe you can learn a new way of doing things.

And then...

Guides on the format of screenwriting and community forums to discuss the craft.


Script Slug is a living document. As the screenplay format evolves, so will Script Slug. Together, I hope we can build a free source of information and inspiration for the next generation of creators.

Thank you for turning this weekend project into something much bigger.